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JSC "Sauda"

Joint-stock company “SAUDA” was established in 1991 03 14. That time was the first years of Lithuanian independence. Business was growing rapidly and a significant demand of services for car drivers has emerged. So the services of consulting and preparation of documents for car drivers was the start of JSC “SAUDA” practice. JSC “SAUDA” built a car parking park in autumn of the same year and in this way began one more activity – practice of car parking parks.


Residents of Lithuania in the first years of independent Lithuania started massive import of cars to the country. As the number of cars was growing, together the cases of car accidents, car breakdowns also in proportion became more common, so demand for transportation of such defective cars, unable to move, emerged. In this way our company established probably the first private technical help service in country. At first this technical help was of very primitive nature. Broken cars, unable to move, were transported by Russian made lorry “GAZ-53” with connected semi-loaded carriage. Back or front part of the defective car could be lifted on this carriage and this pulling on process was managed through manual-mechanical winch. Currently these semi-loaded carriages are forbidden under valid road traffic provisions. As the before described formation of “GAZ-53” lorry and carriage was quite unwieldy, in the short term the lorry was changed to Russian “jeeps” – UAZ vehicles.

In the development of technical help practice we reached for constant improvement, so we obtained fully loaded car transporter, already set with electric winches. This solution has significantly facilitated the task of driver-mechanic.

While providing services to owners and drivers of cars, in 1992 we have begun to implement one more activity – formalization of purchase-sale transactions of vehicles. License for this practice was obtained in 1996 and we became a company, making the largest number of formalization procedures of purchase-sale transactions of vehicles in Lithuania.

During successful development of the before mentioned activities, few more car parking parks were purchased, sales of confiscated vehicles, provided to the benefit of the state, was begun. These sales became in particular active and intensive in period of year 2009-2010.

The essential breakthrough in the field of technical help occurred in year 1995, when we obtained the first evacuator of technical help, which performance is completely based on hydraulics. I. e., it consisted of hydraulically lifted platform, pull-out components for towing car on the platform, winch and manipulator prototype, facilitating the loading of completely crushed car or pulling out car out of the wayside. Improvement of technical help lead to provision of high quality services and only fully loading with hydraulic evacuators is performed from year 1995. Hydraulic evacuators ensure that loading – unloading process takes only several minutes. As the competition level started to rise, now we can also offer drivers the option of cheaper technical help – the car transporters up to 3.5 tonnes of total mass with electric winches and fixes platforms. This option is applied and use for transportation in longer distances, for example, through intercity routes. In 1997 we have established a network of technical help in Lithuania in order to strengthen the car transportation service. This network gradually gathered the strongest companies, providing technical help, from each region and city. For the convenience of residents – drivers we established the integrated short technical help number 1414 (until year 2000 this number was 114). The before mentioned number is valid in all territory of Lithuania, from any phone network: TEO, OMNIEL, Bitė, Tele2.

We began to provide insurance services for car drivers from year 2000 and we further intensively develop and improve the above mentioned sorts of practice. We started to provide technical help for heavy-duty vehicles. At present we have evacuator with manipulators and specialized equipment for fully loading not only a passenger car, but also any kind, the largest mini-bus and heavy duty vehicle, tow vehicle with up to 8 tonnes of mass. Moreover, we can ensure minor repair works for the cars on the road. And all this – 365 days per year, without any holidays, vacations, weekends, 24/7.