Autoservice in Vilnius

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As number of vehicles on the roads is increasing every year, the demand for services, related to vehicles, is also growing. As the car fleet in our country is quite old, the average age of used cars is over ten years, so very often drivers has vehicles which age is twenty years or even more. So we probably shouldn’t be surprised that the car repair shops are spreading in our country. But here is the question – how to choose the broad assortment of car repair shops, which is the most suitable?


When we face the break downs of vehicles and trying to find the auto-service station, usually we are choosing and following different criteria. The most common criteria are following:

Distance of the car repair shop from place of residence or work;

Broad assortment of the offered services;

Quality of the provided services;

Recommendations of acquaintances;

Model of the car.

Location of the car repair shop is more relevant question for people, who live in large cities. In smaller towns all places can be more or less reached by foot, meanwhile in the capital or other biggest cities of Lithuania accessibility without a car can be difficult. Therefore if you really care, how to avoid such problems, please find out which auto-service is the nearest to you home.

Of course, if distance doesn’t make a problem, at first pay attention to the type of the car repair shop, as different repair services are provided in different places. When you don’t know the exact cause of the car break down, you can choose the car repair shop with broad assortment of provided services. Meanwhile when you know precisely the reason of the failure or when you can suppose the relevant cause or why your car emits strange noise, it is worth to choose the specialized auto-service. Both universal and specialized car repair shops have their own advantages. Universal car repair shops usually offer and provide various repair services, therefore after coming to such auto-service with unknown car failure, after finding out the cause of the problem, it is more likely that auto-service has mechanic specialists, who are able to eliminate the problem. Moreover, after failure of one part or system of the car, the other parts can also be affected and it won’t be a problem for specialists of different fields to eliminate it. They will be able to discuss about the problem and to eliminate the break downs of the car in cooperation. Meanwhile after coming to specialized auto-service you can’t expect such complex services. On the other hand, this type of auto-service will help to solve even the most difficult problems of particular failure.

Also it is useful to choose the car repair shop according to model of your car. Some auto-services are specialized in works with models produced of manufacturers, located in particular country or region. For example, there are car repair shops that mainly work with German, French or Korean vehicles. This kind of auto-services in our country is in particular relevant for models of the car that are quite rare. In some cases there you can find necessary details or expect for necessary repair services. No doubt that not every repair specialist agrees to make repair works on vehicle which system is unknown for him.

The car repair shop of our company in Vilnius is specialized and provides professional services of tire rims mounting works. Also drivers who want to give their cars a new look comes to our auto-service, and the most significant flow of clients arrives on time of changing seasons and when there is a need to change tires with other type of tires. Very often people, who chose more expensive tire rims for summer, decide to put on cheaper option for winter time. It is quite logic decision, as in winter time the whole vehicle itself, including the tire rims, is more affected by complicated climate conditions. Our team has special tools and is able to implement all works very fast, so our clients don’t have to wait long periods of time. Despite this, it is useful to agree on arrival time in advance. Also it is useful to know that our car repair shop offers services of the technical help on road. It is in particular relevant when car failure occurs more far away from home or necessary auto-service.

Services of the car repair shop are necessary not only in case of owned car failure, but it can be on demand when planning to purchase used vehicle. Some owners want to sell their cars without telling the truth, with some “touch-ups” and keeping some information in secret. In this way a lot of misunderstandings and problems can be avoided in the future, as after arrival to diagnostics all failures of vehicle system can be checked. Of course, owner of the car can reject to make this inspection, but then you should think, if it is worth to make your investment to this kind of car.