Car and truck parking in Vilnius

Truck, bus, other heavy transport parking lot. Parking is well guarded, and has free WI-FI, toilets, and showers. Good location with few big shops and restaurants nearby. Easy to find near main road to Minsk (Belarus). We speak english or russian, and lithuanian as well. Parking is located by address: Minsko pl. 21, Vilnius.

Phone: +37060500111


                                                                                        PRICE LIST

                                                                               cars and motorcycles

                                                                                        24 h – 5 eur


                                                                                     Truck parking

                                                                                          1 h – 5 eur

                                                                                        12 h – 10 eur

                                                                                        24 h – 15 eur

                                                                     No long term parking!


Number of cars on the roads and in the sites of yards is steadily increasing: it is obvious for the residents themselves, as in the last few years they are everyday facing more and more heavy traffic jams and attempts to park the car in the yard become a hard mission. Through assessments of the maximum traffic levels it is constantly tried to find the efficient solutions for the before mentioned problems, but implementation of the prepared projects takes quite a long time. New projects emerge even when the earlier projects are still in the process, but as we are standing in the face of the problem now, we must make decision, how to solve in a rational way. For example, when you need to park constantly or more rarely used heavy duty, big size vehicles and machinery, it shouldn’t be left on the road, when there are much better and efficient ways – and parking in Vilnius is one of possible smart solutions.

Security solutions for heavy-duty vehicles and construction machinery

Large size, specialized vehicles and construction machinery are pricy equipment. After hearing the price we can remain surprised for a while, therefore if you have your own or company owned equipment, its protection is a relevant topic. You can buy a garage for this purpose, build own premises, rent the whole site and take care of its maintenance, or you can buy the service and rent one or few places in the protected car park. Of course, companies or private persons, after calculation of costs and considering economic factors, choose more useful solution of rent.

Solid and high fences, single entrance/exit gates are chosen for installation of such secured car parks, in order to ensure the maximum level of protection. Fences, gates and territory round the parking park are video recorded on 24-hours basis; there is a trained guard, responsible for monitoring of the park. All these means ensure the security of different vehicles and construction machinery. Professional working manner of the guard is an important factor, as unexpected situations can occur during the night time, when it is important to remain calm and choose the best plan of actions.

Advantages of renting services of the car parking parks

Parking of vehicles in Vilnius is relevant both for those, who are working with transportation services, both for those, who are working in construction field, demanding use of professional equipment, when you don’t have a place where to park it safely. Our company offers secured parking services for lorries, buses, heavy-duty construction machinery. You can bring and leave in our parking park not a single, but several vehicles, also including construction machinery – it is convenient to park the whole formation of vehicle or machinery. Car parking parks are arranged considering the specificity of undertaken practice – high quality asphalt, resistant to heavy loads is chosen, broad entrance gates are installed. Secured car parking for vehicles and machinery is working on 24-hours basis therefore it is possible to leave the lorry late after work for desired period of time. We are located in convenient place, by the main road, on Minsk Road, where you can find us very easily and drive in with machinery which you want to leave for storage.

If you are thinking consciously and park your cars in specialized sites, if you don’t leave it on the streets, you make your contribution to regulation of traffic flow. No one would object that vehicles left for long time in the streets become an obstacle for the traffic, in particular during winter season, when a lot of inconveniences occur, for example, for cleaning snow in the streets and yards of the houses. Therefore we don’t recommend leaving vehicles of large dimensions, lorries, buses for longer periods in time, without maintenance in more remote places or parking sites of multi-dwelling buildings. There is a risk that vehicles could be damaged in the remote parking places, some details can be stolen, meanwhile such vehicles, left in the parking sites of the multi-dwelling buildings, take a lot of space, so no surprise, it becomes a reason for anger and particular negative reaction of the neighbors. Sometimes people face such additional inconveniences without any thinking about things that could be simply avoided…

Our secured car parking park is large, therefore you will always find sufficient space and park your vehicle of large dimensions without any stress. Vehicles or construction machinery are protected from theft, malicious behavior and damages, opposite to the cases, when machinery is left on the street or unmaintained site. If you want to make sure that vehicles and construction machinery left parked for longer periods of time would remain without any damaged, leave it in secured site and avoid unnecessary stress. We shall take care of everything!