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We work with usual evacuators, evacuators equiped with manipulators (cranes), and triple evacuators.

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We have the largest fleet of evacuation machinery, therefore we can offer transportation and towing of all sorts of vehicles. Sorts of evacuated vehicles:

Passenger cars;

Motorcycles (quadracycles, scooters);

Heavy-duty vehicles (lorries, towing vehicles);


Passenger vehicles (buses);

Construction machinery and equipment (up to 8 tonnes);

Industrial machinery;

Specific machinery;

Taking the car scrap out to the utilization station.

As car fleet is developing in a rapid pace, there are a lot of cases of break-downs of the different vehicles. Owners of such cars experience inconveniences already on the road or even without moving on the road. As the assortment of services is growing, together we are able to offer broader service opportunities to our client companies. Auto-mechanics of automobile repair shops are providing more and more services that are convenient to the clients. In most cases purpose of the shop workers is to ensure that there shall be no need to the client to take his/her car elsewhere. Companies are setting very high goals, but sometimes it is too hard for them to cope with the proper implementation of such amount of works and cover all the fields. Our company is more focused and carries out niche, closely relevant practices in a highly professional manner: technical help of the road, rent of car parking parks, purchase-sale of vehicles.

For many of us car has already become an inseparable part of our everyday life, so breakdowns of this mean of transportation bring a lot of problems: delay to work, meetings, traffic congestion occur, the broke car becomes an obstacle for other participants of the road. If vehicle fails in private yard or other place, without bothering other vehicles, it is possible to manage the situation with help of friends or acquaintances, so towing of the car can be left for later time. But if the car fails on city road, heavy traffic crossroad, if it impedes way to other cars, driving out of the yard, it is necessary to move the car as fast as possible and there is no time to wait for the friends, who can come only after uncertain period of time. Response of the companies, providing service of technical help of the road, to this kind of callings for help is very high – they react in a glance and come to necessary place without any delay.

When is it worth to call to the company, providing technical help on the road?

Mostly technical help on the road is called up after car accidents, when there is a need to move vehicles from the road or when in longer distance trips the car unexpectedly fails or breakdown of the car brakes emerges. In this case cars must be towed on special rigid drawbar or lifted on tailored vehicles, therefore simple towing with flexible rope is not a solution in this case. As we have all necessary technical machinery, not only passenger cars, but also heavy-duty vehicles can be loaded on vehicles that are tailored for transportation in particular. Also technical help on the road becomes very relevant during the cold season of the year, when under conditions of extreme cold the cars not only fail to start for driving out of the yard, but also break down on way to work, meanwhile becoming an obstacle or hindrance for all current traffic.

People often try to save money and when their car breaks down, they usually just call friends or acquaintances that can help to tow or to start the car. If the broken car doesn’t impede the traffic or if the participants are quite experienced drivers and able to assess the risk of possible accidents (because of own or beside standing, moving cars, slippery surface of the road and etc.), when usually with taking all the relevant risks, efforts are made to start the engine without services of technical help companies. But sometimes even the experienced drivers can’t avoid collisions while towing. So this kind of situations can lead to damages of not only the own car, but damages for cars of other drivers. Therefore, in order to avoid damages of own car or property owned by others, what is an often case when vehicle is inappropriately towed by flexible rope, it is worth to call for professional specialists, who are working in the field in a highly professionally way.

What other services are provided and what are the useful tips before calling for help on the road?

After calling by technical help phone number, firstly we can provide consultation regarding the experienced malfunction of the car, and after arriving to the place of accident, we will try to start your car. Cars fail to start in winter season because of such common and simple cause as discharge of car accumulator. But if the car doesn’t start because of other nature failure, our company can transport that kind of car to own site, client’s desired place or auto-service station. If you are planning to repair your car without delay, we recommend bringing it to the nearest car repair shop, so later you don’t have to move in once again. If you decide to wait for repair works – choose own or our parking park, where your car will be standing without impeding other vehicles. Also we ensure fast arrival when there is a need to change tire of the car, to deliver fuel, when driver confronts with car unlocking problems.